You’re invited to invest in yourself

By attending an intentional all-inclusive retreat focused on rejuvenation: for yourself and your business.

  • What: The Bloom Retreat — a sacred space for small service-based business owners to deepen their roots and create growth opportunities. An intentionally intimate retreat, Bloom is limited to eight attendees to maximize our time together.
  • Where: A cozy, sun-washed historic home and surrounding farmland in Lancaster, PA.
  • When: May 27th — May 30th, 2022
  • Who: Founded + hosted by Dara Laine Murray with the strong belief that when womxn support each other, incredible things happen.
all inclusive business retreat for women



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Dara Laine Murray

Dara Laine Murray


Convener, lover of bringing folx together, passionate about womxn succeeding in business, and focused on equity & continuous improvement.