Strong Human Connection: an Achievable Gateway to New Experiences, Outlooks, and Insights

The world is full of opportunities. When you have a strong network of people who share your values and goals, you have a foundation on which to grow.

That’s why retreats and other workshops and networking are so important: they provide us with opportunities to connect with others who can help us achieve our goals and lead happier lives.

Our connections are the single most important thing in our lives.

Connections are how we find meaning and purpose in life, as well as how we learn about ourselves and others. They allow us to experience new things, which helps us grow intellectually and emotionally and ultimately leads us to live happier, more fulfilling lives by helping us achieve our full potential.

Human connection is a portal to new experiences, outlooks, insights

A retreat is a great way to build new connections and strengthen old ones.

Choose a retreat that’s right for you.

The type of retreat you choose matters.

If your purpose is to deepen your connection with yourself and others through meditation, yoga, or wellness activities like sound healing, then consider a group retreat. Community-based learning opportunities like these can be hard to find elsewhere, especially when they are all in one place.

On the other hand, if your primary goal is spiritual exploration or personal growth, then consider an individualized or solo experience where there are fewer distractions from other people so you can focus on yourself. You may even want to consider a silent retreat.

Consider attending the Rooted Retreat hosted by Harvest Retreats



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Dara Laine Murray

I am a multi-passionate sobriety writer on Medium. My day job is as a Director of Research at a nonprofit, so I write stories about being sober + stats.