Meet the team: Bloom Retreat 2022

Dara Laine Murray
4 min readFeb 24, 2022

I’ve hired the best in the biz to share their expertise and provide you with the tools necessary to tackle what’s next for you and your business.

Every facilitator involved in the Bloom Retreat is a small business owner who fully encompasses Bloom’s values and goals. Each person is here to support you during your retreat experience and ensure you leave ready to Bloom.

Meet Your Team:

all inclusive business retreat for women

Host: Dara Laine Murray

Dara is the person who is asked to plan her family’s and friends’ vacations, just because she is THAT GOOD at finding places and spaces with great energy and unique surroundings.

She’s a convener, a lover of introductions, and an Aries sun + Leo moon (it’s a thing.)

A natural cheerleader, Dara finds genuine joy in seeing people succeed.

With Bloom, she turns that same drive and passion into planning the ultimate retreat for service-based business owners who are in need of a reset. With every detail, she’s envisioning how it will support attendees in tackling whatever comes next with their business.

all inclusive business retreat for women

Keynote: Arianna Valle

Arianna is the founder and solopreneur behind Valle Creative Consulting. She helps small online business owners channel their unique selves, expertise, and values into marketing strategies that grow their business.

Every attendee receives a one-on-one consultation call with Arianna prior to the retreat to learn more about their business goals and offer insights to make the most of our work together. A post-retreat one-on-one call is included to process and reflect upon their work and provide additional feedback and resources to benefit their continued growth.

At Bloom, she’ll be leading interactive sessions to help attendees identify their content pillars to grow their business through.

  • authentic connection,
  • effective time management,
  • and clear communication.
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