Communities Help Us Thrive

Human beings thrive in communities. Since the dawn of the human age, we have been most successful when we have come together. And while giving your neighbor’s car a jump start today may look different than gathering berries with your closest cave neighbors, the point is we’re stronger together.

After these past two years of ebbing and flowing isolation, we can truly understand the importance of community and connection. Before the pandemic began, many of us turned to our coworkers to build that community. We saw them every day. We shared the same workspace. We knew many of the same joys and frustrations. Even though we certainly did not live at work, we relied on coworker communities more heavily than our actual neighborhoods. Then we were told to stay home, and our communities swiftly changed.

Some of us woke up next to the same people we were expected to spend the whole day with, while others woke up alone. Many of us added in a daily walk around the neighborhood just to get out of the house. We could no longer engage in morning chit-chat with our coworkers or have lunch in the cafeteria or nearby cafe, discussing current events. The best our old community could do for us was mandatory Zoom calls. Let’s face it — the muted microphones and blacked-out cameras simply did not satisfy our desire for community, connection, and support.

Many of us looked to our neighbors to replace the workplace. Backyard book clubs reigned and hyper-local gift economy communities like Buy Nothing Groups sprung up. Every single slice of usable outdoor space was commandeered for expanded restaurant seating, pop-up bars, socially distanced exercise classes, and playdates for tiny maskees. And while these activities typically discouraged household commingling, you could still look around and share the sense that you were all enduring something big together.

So here we are. While I wouldn’t say we’re on the other side of the pandemic, we’re certainly embracing a different world than the one we left behind in 2019. And now, more than ever, we know the power of community and support systems.

Some have emerged with entirely new systems. Maybe you know you will never go back to the office, so you now rely on your roommates, families, and neighbors to support your desire for community and connection. You plan block parties and neighborhood food truck nights. Your kids had a pandemic pod and now have tight-knit friendships with those they trusted most in uncertain times. You have found your new community.

Others are still unsure. Maybe you feel like you’re straddling both the old and new. You work from home part-time. You see coworkers, but so infrequently that it’s hard to pick up your community where you left off. Or maybe you’ve since started a new job. Maybe you’re still remote, but 2020 became 2021 became 2022, leaving you still without a strong sense of community. Maybe you’ve left the grind behind and started to pave your own way in the business world, but you’ve found that being your own boss can be lonely and isolating.

This is where Harvest Retreats can step in. We offer a variety of community-building retreats to suit anyone looking for more connection. Small business owners who need a sense of community and support while also immersing themselves in entrepreneurial resources can find all they need in Bloom. But if you need relaxation, mindful meditation, and building connections with other like-minded folx, Rooted may be more your speed.

Community and Connection at Bloom

  • Collaboration and connection with your fellow attendees
  • Feedback and insights from industry experts
  • Catered meals served at a table with room for all
  • Professional support before, during, and after

Community and Connection at Rooted

  • Mocktail hour with lots of mingling
  • Relaxing group trail walks
  • Mindful connections with a small group of fellow attendees
  • Support from wellness facilitators

Whichever you choose, Harvest Retreats guarantees you an instant community and tools to continue to build your own connections and support systems even when your weekend is over. As an extroverted people person, I am fueled by my communities, and I know how to help you find yours.



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Dara Laine Murray

Dara Laine Murray

Convener, lover of bringing folx together, passionate about womxn succeeding in business, and focused on equity & continuous improvement.