Are business retreats worth it? Bloom is.

  • There will be no girl-bossing, no competition, no awkward networking.
  • We’ve traded stark hotel rooms for cozy, historic bedrooms in a renovated Amish mansion.
  • We’ve replaced large lecture halls with an intimate group setting. (Only eight tickets available.)
  • We’ve swapped networking activities for family-style dinners and activities to alight your imagination and encourage conversation.
Are business retreats worth it? Bloom is!
  • Bedroom of your choice
  • All catered meals by a private chef
  • Snacks and drinks
  • One-on-one marketing consultation calls before and after the retreat
  • Content marketing exercises
  • Creativity and mindfulness coaching
  • A mini brand photoshoot with one outfit change
  • Hair & makeup services for your brand photoshoot
are business retreats worth it



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Dara Laine Murray

Dara Laine Murray


Convener, lover of bringing folx together, passionate about womxn succeeding in business, and focused on equity & continuous improvement.