10 Crystals for Rejuvenation

Here are 10 crystals to help you feel rejuvenated!

Carnelian for boosting energy and determination.

Carnelian is a beautiful red-orange stone that effectively boosts energy and vitality. This crystal is said to ignite your inner fire. It is used by many to help call upon their inner strength and remember their self-worth.

Bloodstone for energy and strength.

This powerful healing stone purifies and detoxifies the body, cleansing your body’s energy. It increases energy and strength, promoting a constant flow of energy throughout the body.

Rainbow Moonstone for growth and openness to new opportunities.

Rainbow moonstone is a transformational stone that allows you to reset yourself, achieve mental clarity, and grow anew.

Dalmatian Jasper for increasing your energy and positivity.

Dalmatian jasper stones are light-hearted, playful stones that connect us to our inner child and dispel resentment. All of us could use a stone that promotes loving energy and positive attitudes.

Celestite for reflection and restful sleep.

Celestite crystals are divine gemstones full of cosmic energy — ideal for meditation, mindfulness, and prayer. They are perfect for private spaces which encourage quiet reflection and spiritual growth.

Aventurine for dissolving negative feelings and calming irritation.

Green aventurine is a gem of good fortune, new beginnings, and alternative possibilities. It attracts prosperity, enhances creativity, and dissolves negative feelings, so it’s a great stone for calming irritation and working through the inevitable kinks of new ventures.

Selenite for harmony and and absorbing negative energy.

Selenite crystals are thought to absorb negative energy and they are commonly used for protection. This crystal is said to bring protection, harmony, and soul healing to your body, mind, and home.

Kunzite for managing stress and grounding.

When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, Kunzite can help your thoughts turn more positive and help you find peace.

Tourmalinated Quartz for combating negative thoughts and increasing energy.

These lovely and unusual black crystals combine the healing properties of the Quartz Crystal and the Black Tourmaline. Tourmalinated Quartz is clear crystal quartz that has grown together with black tourmaline and shows strands of the tourmaline running through it.

Chrysocolla for patience and flexibility.

This solid light blue to blue green stone has a very gentle, soothing, friendly energy. It is considered the “wise stone” or “sage stone“, as it offers up its wisdom and sagely advice to those who pay attention.

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