10 Crystals for Positivity & Self-Love

10 crystals for positivity and self-love
  • Rose Quartz — compassion and unconditional love.
  • Rainbow Fluorite — sweeping out negative energy and leaving you with that lush freedom feeling glow.
  • Honey Calcite — teaches us about the right use of power and encourages responsibility in leadership; increases feelings of confidence and courage and assists in overcoming obstacles.
  • Hematite — is a stone of transformation that helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. It is a very protective and balancing stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations.
  • Tiger’s Eye — helps you to embrace your inner-strength, increases personal willpower, and calls on the powers of protection.
  • Sea Glass — helps wash away selfish behavior, prejudices, ill will and mental strife.
  • Chrysocolla — helps us to be flexible, self-forgiving, and patient. It keeps one in light, love, and healing on a daily basis.
  • Kunzite — can help your thoughts turn more positive and help you find peace.
  • Larimar — a stone of the sea, radiates peace, love and tranquility.
  • Pink Botswana Agate — provides you with creative energy and enables you to locate or develop equitable solutions to issues
10 crystals for positivity and self-love
  1. to help me get clarity about my goals — what I really want to call into my life and what I’m ready to let go of;
  2. to help me focus and calm my mind so that I can meditate — super helpful for my anxiety and depression;
  3. to decorate the spaces I spend the most time in to remind me of #1 and #2 — they’re just beautiful honestly (really, you can find them all over my house).



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Dara Laine Murray

Dara Laine Murray

Convener, lover of bringing folx together, passionate about womxn succeeding in business, and focused on equity & continuous improvement.