10 Crystals for Building Community

Here are 10 crystals that can help you build a community of your own:

rose quartz crystal meaning

Rose Quartz for unconditional love and compassion.

Rose Quartz promotes trust and harmony in our closest relationships, purifying and opening our hearts to healing and peace. This Quartz crystal reassures us when we are experiencing doubt, anxiety or grief.

lapis lazuli crystal meaning

Lapis Lazuli for communication and connection.

Lapis Lazuli invites us to grow in our own self-awareness, to connect deeply with others through the branches of communication, and to be humble.

amethyst crystal meaning

Amethyst for serene and healthy friendships.

This stone can take away the stresses and fears surrounding friendships and help you attract souls that are aligned with yours. It can help you nurture your connections with love and grace, bringing along a sense of serenity.

labradorite crystal meaning

Labradorite for strengthening intuition.

Labradorite is an extremely powerful stone that inspires self-discovery, spiritual awareness, and strengthens our intuition. This crystal resonates with multiple levels of our consciousness, while stimulating our imagination and protecting us from negative energy fields.

aquamarine crystal meaning

Aquamarine for overcoming miscommunication.

Aquamarine is a naturally soothing stone that promote healthy relationships. This crystal helps us go with the flow and enter a flow state by clearing any stresses from the mind.

pink opal crystal meaning

Pink Opal for comfort and balance.

This pink opal stone is new to my shop — added just because of the research I conducted for this article and how important it is for building community.

hematite crystal meaning

Hematite for confidence and security.

Hematite has the ability to absorb negative emotions and energy, replacing them with strength and vitality.

sodalite crystal meaning

Sodalite for soothing anxiety and communicating authentically.

Sodalite is often called The Stone of Peace, and for good reason! One of the best crystals for relationship anxiety. Sodalite infuses its calm, peaceful essence into any situation where tension is high and emotions are strong.

blue lace agate crystal meaning

Blue Lace Agate for building trust and staying calm.

Known as the Stone of Loyalty, you can see where Blue Lace Agate fits in with building trust and strengthening relationships.

malachite crystal meaning

Malachite for open communication and increasing quality time.

This bright green, mesmerizing stone encourages spending quality time together, one of the most effective ways to build strong relationships.

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Dara Laine Murray

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